General / TOC

I started at the beginning; when I bought a computer I had no idea how to use and had to figure it out. It was when I’d taught myself everything I could and realized I didn’t know what questions to ask next or how to find the answers that I realized I needed to seek official higher education. That was how my path led me to TVC and that’s where the real learning started.

Having reduced my original free-written draft down to about 200 pages thus far; start dissecting the sludge, trashing the fluff and fillers, and organizing thoughts into related categories. I have to keep at the forefront of my mind that I needed to remain somewhat general so as not to narrow my scope so much that I lose the ability to expand on certain subjects. After all, this isn’t just the story of my time at TVC, but as a whole it encompasses the adversities I’ve had to overcome or learn to live with at the same time – in its entirety, that’s what’s made this a story worth writing.

This is the breakdown as I’m seeing it in my head right now – all of which is subject to change:


CH1 Necessary Learning
CH2 First Semester
CH3 Summer Classes
CH4 Third Semester
CH5 Assisting the Instructor
CH6 the TVC Tutoring Program
CH7 Third Sector Tech. Internship
CH8 Teaching
CH9 Burnout or Relapse?
CH10 Networking Pays Off
CH11 Fatigue & Reality
CH12 “Piss or Get Off the Pot
CH13 What Come Next?



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