May 30, 2007

Final Summary

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I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I have three manuscripts in raw format that I will probably never publish. I have always wanted to write a real book however; one that I actually publish. The problem is that I don’t write stories, I write life.  Anyone who has ever read any of my life notes makes comments like “You should write a book” or “man that sounds like a Lifetime TV Special”. But this project is to be my first real published work. I have a sincere desire to write something that speaks directly to people I may pass on the street. I’m constantly talking to people who desire knowledge in working with their computers so I’m constantly telling them about courses at TVC and how it’s not as scary as they might think.

This book is to be something general enough however that anyone thinking of going to college for the first time in their adult life can read, grasp a feel for what it’s like to jump over that initial fear hurdle, and to watch yourself excel in learning something that truly interest you. I purposefully left out details like class names and getting too specific about skills learned, because it should speak to whoever reads it.

The typeset and layout of the book, illustrations and design elements are all my own and will speak for themselves as the reader eventually realizes that the author not only wrote it, but designed it and published it as well.  For that reason too, I want to keep it short. Not so short it could be called a booklet, long enough to paint the full picture of my experience at TVC, but short enough that someone could set down and read it in part of an afternoon.

It’s been a challenge to say the least but a very welcomed challenge in my writing skills. It’s still a challenge as it’s not finished… it’s written, but the actual events haven’t all taken place yet, so I have to wait to see if they do.  I have to actually finish the things I’m talking about in the book before I can publish that I have!


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