May 8, 2007

CH13 What’s Next?

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What comes next? Completing my Bachelor’s of Technology of course! I’m also very close to finishing my BT, but I had to finish my AAS before I can even apply for my BT. I have to form a committee of individuals willing to put the time into verifying for me if in fact I’ve fulfilled the requirements for my BT. I’ve ruined some of these relationships over the past few years though I fear – as these people were near me through the Fatigue & Reality phase. One can only try though before they give up – right?

This chapter is written – in ink anyway, but without the ability to close chapter 12, I can hardly justify writing chapter 13 for real.

This chapter should focus on the fact that I have a great job already with great benefits and an amazing group of people that I work with. I am currently on Family Medical Leave from work however, and though I will return to work, it’s unclear to me how long I will be there. I have to give UAF at least 2-3 months because while on FML they still carry your insurance and benefits as if you were only on Annual Leave. So in a sense you go into the red. If one was to not return, they would owe UAF actual funds. And because of what FML is, your employer has to let you come back to work even though they can fill your position temporarily. But there is no guarantee you will stay.

So, the What’s Next I had originally written may not even apply now. I won’t know the reality of it for a few months; until after I’ve gone back to work and find out if I get to stay. It will be too last to register for fall classes, and frankly, after a burnout like this one, I would probably wait until spring semester 2008 to register for classes anyway. I still have a month’s worth of medical appointments of my own before I go back to work, and any one of those could change the course I will follow for the rest of the year. My future is actually quite uncertain right now.

Regardless, the intent of the final chapter in this mini-novel is to fill the reader with hope and inspire them to look beyond just getting a degree. Look beyond fulfilling the requirements for your Associate’s degree to the next level of achievement they wish to climb. Whether that is to the next level of a higher degree, or to getting their dream job, I want the reader to look beyond whatever their current path is into the neat realm of possibilities.


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