May 8, 2007

CH12 “Piss or Get Off the Pot”

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Those are the words of my father that echo through my head every time I’m taking too long to make a decision or whenever I’ve taken to long to finish something. Even though we haven’t spoken in several years, I could hear him very loudly over the last few semesters as I desperately wanted to finish this chapter in my life. It was time to finish. Whatever it takes, even if I can’t complete something to my own preferred level of perfection – I just needed to finish.

The challenge with this chapter is clear yet so clouded. How to finish this little mini-novel on a positive point seems as difficult to me as finishing everything else I’ve started. I look around me even now at a dozen projects I’ve started here at home, but the view would be the same if I were at work. Project or assignments or tasks I’ve started and don’t know how to finish. A degree program isn’t vague – it’s clear. It’s cut and dry. Yet – it’s taken me so long to complete it. I’ll never understand why I am like that.

My brother graduated high school in 1977, I graduated high school in 1987, my eldest niece and nephew both graduated high school in 1997, the same year I got out of the USAF. So 2007 seemed like a perfect year to finally finish this degree. My eldest brother’s eldest daughter also graduated from college this year – but with her PhD! Yah – I feel like an underachiever when compared to her – but that’s not the point. The point is to simply finish.

When my brother found out last fall that my graduation was in the works he said he wanted photos. I said I had no intention of doing the dog-n-pony show just for an AAS, maybe once I got my BT though. Then the plot thickened – If I walked, they’d (him and our sis-in-law) come! Our sister hasn’t seen our them in some 7-8 yrs, I haven’t seen them in 14 years, and our mother hasn’t seen them in 25 yrs – so this was more than a big deal over graduation – this was a HUGE, monumental event in our family!

I can write about it, I was there, I walked, I have photos, but I will not be receiving my diploma in the June mail out like everyone else, because I have once again, fallen short of the finish line.

Finishing this book in a way that the reader feels inspired to go after their goals to completion; how is that possible when I’ve failed to do just that for myself? This chapter, the final chapter, should be about my graduation, my own final completion.



  1. Interesting outline. I really like to see clearly Martha

    Comment by Teresa Moran — February 17, 2012 @ 1725 UTC

  2. Great explanation. I prefer to see clearly Marcy Lu

    Comment by Leonida Soran — February 18, 2012 @ 1144 UTC

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