May 3, 2007

CH6 The TVC Tutoring Program

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Helping in classes other than the ones I was officially taking lead to people asking for help outside of class. I began to hang out in the computer labs to help people and this led to awareness that there was a need for tutors in the labs. I don’t recall exactly how it officially came about, but I was offered a student job as a the lab tutor. Since I was spending all my time there anyway, I suppose this was the natural progression of things. I was grateful , however, that I could make a little money doing this now – but that brings out a whole new layer of professionalism in me. When I’m getting paid to do something, I of course take it much more seriously when I am merely volunteering.

The tutoring program took on somewhat a life of its own. There was more demand than I had available hours. There were others in the same program that I was in who also had skills and who were also being targeted for help by other students. I bean to approach them and the director about opening up more positions for more tutors. It was sort of a whirlwind romance in the sense that the more help that was available to other students, the more they wanted, and not all of the help that was needed was just in the areas of which I’d become fairly knowledgeable in, those that focused on graphics, desktop publishing, and web design. There was a need for help in computer hardware and software, networking, MS Office applications, basic computer skills, portfolio preparations.

I was hired in that student position in September 2000. When I left the tutoring program in August 2001 to teach, there were six other student tutors and the labs were manned with at least one tutor, Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm and for at least four hours on Saturdays. I was so proud of being a part of that. Not because of what I got to contribute, but proud of how so many other fellow students and myself were able to come together to offer those hours and the help students wanted, but also extremely proud of TVC for supporting that program the way they did. It showed beyond even a glint of a shadow that TVC really cares about its students and their success.


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