May 3, 2007

CH4 Third Semester (Fall)

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I found myself more than happy to be in classes. I was more than happy to do the homework and then some. I was hungry! I was starting! I couldn’t get enough. I just couldn’t believe that I was actually good at this. Man, if I’d just known back in high school that I was capable of this, I might have actually gone somewhere. Oh wait a minute – I DID go somewhere. I went all over the country; from coast to coast and corner to corner. I spent sever years in the US Air Force as an Aerospace Medical Tech and Flight Surgeon Assistant, and had every intention of saying there a full twenty years. But as the Styx song says, “Nothing ever goes as planned; It’s a hell of a notion.”

Those facts in that last paragraph passed through my mind and often lingered for hours on end throughout this whole semester. As time went on those thought s gradually faded away, but it was during this semester that I really had to accept that my USAF career was cut short and there was no getting it back. I’d had a measly 7 out of 20 years and dwelling on it wouldn’t bring it back. I had to focus on this new venture and the new opportunities it would open for me.

I’d barely just begun, but it was very apparent to me that what I would learn in college was still only a beginning. If I really a future in this field, I was going to have to put in just as many hours outside of the classrooms and required homework; if not twice as much. And for the first time in my life – I was really okay with that.


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