May 2, 2007


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Chapter one proved to be the hardest of all. I want to give a brief history of where I am coming from that leads to my decision to start college, but the chapter should be essentially about how one decides at 32 to go back to school. Or – rather – how when one has never been to college – it’s not really going *back* as much as it is starting over – almost like going to school for the first time. Because at this point in life — everything we think we know about going to school doesn’t apply. What is in our heads is memories of what grade school and high school were like — and college is nothing like that. Yet, because that is all we have to draw from — some of those feelings are still there – and I had to remind myself constantly, “This is college; those people aren’t going to be here and college isn’t like that.”

That brought the question to mind, “What is a Preface?” You know, that section at the beginning of the book that you (I) never read because it’s titled Preface instead of Chapter 1. Is that where the lead in history goes? What is the Preface for exactly? I’m not sure… And why is the Preface often written by someone else? Does that make it an endorsement? Is the Preface intended to give the author credibility by finding someone already highly regarded to write it for the author? How does one find someone to write their Preface? Wouldn’t that feel like asking someone for a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)? I’ve never felt comfortable asking anyone for an LOR, whether I deserved one or not. Maybe that comes from my own upbringing where we were taught that you don’t brag on your own abilities, “If you’re so damned good, then people will know that, you don’t tell them you’re good.” Those are the words of my father. And that’s how I’ve viewed an LOR. Or does someone contact the author of a book saying, “I’d like to write the Preface to your book.”? I don’t know –

It’s difficult (thus far) to find clear and trustworthy explanations and definitions of the anatomy of a book. There are a lot of instructions for how to write a story book or how to write an autobiography… but this venture would be but a single chapter in the light of my life story….

That is why Chapter 1’s title is still to come… because I’m not yet sure of Ch1 should be the history leading up to my start at TVC…. or if Ch1 should be my start at TVC… of course… since this is not yet determined.. then Ch2 might be Ch3… and Ch3 might be Ch4… but you get the idea!



  1. Did you ever get an answer to you question regarding the preface. I’m in the same perdicament

    Comment by Jennifer — October 25, 2007 @ 637 UTC

  2. No – Sorry – I never did get an answer for that….

    Comment by rosie — October 27, 2007 @ 1540 UTC

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