May 2, 2007

CH2 First Semester

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If I can narrow down Ch1 properly then this chapter may not be necessary, but since my #1 goal here is to produce something that’s enjoyable and meaningful to read, it also aims to inspire others in the same boat even of the vessel itself is of another shape or size. In other words, I have to work hard to balance the “about life” with the “about classes”, because I believe they’re equally important. I want to show that someone who has serious problems can still press forward. Whether they be mental, medical, emotional, scheduling, familial, whatever – the issues that may be holding one back should be incorporated instead of empowered.

This chapter speaks of those first classes. What it felt like to willingly enter a classroom for the first time in my life. Those odd feelings that came with being a student again, while part of me still had not truly let go of being a soldier. The anticipation as well as doubt that came with wondering if I was making the right decision – to pursue this computer stuff when I had all those years of extensive medical training under my belt. Was it right to just throw that away? Was I throwing it away, or was I just letting it fall by the wayside while in pursuit of something I would be even better at? It was a very exciting yet uncertain time.

This chapter will also sing the praises of the impact those first instructors / professors / teachers can have on a student. The hardest thing about this chapter is to keep it sincere and inspirational to the reader without gushing and oozing! That’s harder than it sounds because I think very highly of those folks even now.


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